Telecom Billing

Telecom Billing


Prepaid and post-paid Billing, partner management, policy control, convergent charging & so much more…

  • Supporting growing and established mobile, MVNE & MVNO, wireline, broadband, satellite, IoT, and content providers
  • Fully configurable within hours to support new & innovative plans and services
  • Implement changes without vendor intervention

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Marketing-driven billing. Not the other way around.

Work at the speed of marketing to deploy new promotions, marketing plans or services in hours and days – not months.

Seamless, Configurable and Cost-Effective

  • Multi-dimensional convergence – payment, network & service
  • Real-time billing and charging – effectively handling prepaid, postpaid and hybrid accounts
  • Full range of services (voice, video and data), over multiple Network technologies (wireline, wireless and IP)
  • Single charging engine, product catalog and customer management system
  • Flexible tool for increased efficiency and fast time to market of new offerings
  • Substantial reduction in OPEX and CAPEX
  • Manage complex and unique B2B, B2C and B2B2C relationships
  • Measurable and significant increase in subscriber satisfaction and retention

Convergent billing system

architecture &


Telecom billing Architecture & Functionality Diagram

Billing software modules

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Business Planning
Business Planning

Built upon FTS’ BCCF technology (Business Control & Charging Function), FTS Billing utilizes the platform’s patented visual Decision Operation Tree (DO Tree™) to design and implement business rules – including rating, prepaid/post-paid convergent services, cross-service promotions, balance management, and more. Users can define new business plans for facilitating the delivery of services, bundled packages and valid market segments seamlessly and on the fly.

Online Charging
Online Charging

FTS Billing’s convergent charging engine is uniquely suited to handle a large volume of online charging transactions with carrier-grade latency, supporting Authorization & Authentication (AA), multiple sessions balance management, and ad-hoc balance allocation.

Event Handling
event-based engine supported by an event-driven core that triggers all system activities

An event-based engine supported by an event-driven core that triggers all system activities, the event handler processes any event reaching Leap Billing via any method – active mediation, batch files, API call, or web services – to then normalize it to any format that can be processed by the business-rules engine.

Balance Management
Balance-Management module

The FTS Billing Balance-Management module counts and accumulates any numeric attribute, including currency, volume, duration, number of downloads, number of balance top-ups, and number of failed login attempts. This flexibility supports differentiated service offerings, giving operators free rein to respond to their subscribers’ needs in real time.

dynamic guiding by any event attribute

FTS Billing supports dynamic guiding by any event attribute. For each type of service, CSPs have the freedom to define unique identifiers for service and user, guiding events to specific types of subscribers. This freedom enables them, for example, to guide voice usage based on IMSI, data-usage based on user ID, and content based on the external ID of a service-delivery platform.

Real-time Execution
Real-time Execution

FTS BCCF’s dynamic business-rules engine executes in real time the service rules to which events are guided, including charging, discounting, enforcing credit limits and balance thresholds, allowances, loyalty points, messaging, service provisioning, resource operations, and many more. This affords CSPs the flexibility to widen their scope of revenue-generating services.

Customer Service Management
Customer Service Management

An intuitive web-based UI easily supports customer registration, customer details maintenance, and the sale of service packages. Not limited to CSR functions, the customer care module also supports business flows required by MVNOs and is enabled for customer self-care functionality. The FTS Billing customer management is open and can be easily integrated with other CRM or legacy systems.

Self Care
self-care facility that empowers authorized subscribers

FTS Billing’s powerful web-based self-care facility that empowers authorized subscribers to check their balances, view financial transactions and invoice images, modify personal details, change billing cycle dates, modify payment methods, change service parameters, and much more. This extraordinary flexibility ensures that subscribers manage their own services according to their preferences, significantly reducing churn.

Financial Administration
Financial Administration

From payment transfer to tax management, general ledger accounting reports, and more, this powerful module seamlessly administers all monetary/financial transactions.

Billing and Invoicing
Billing and Invoicing

From straight-ahead voice to complex cross-product packages, FTS Billing’s invoicing module aggregates all customer and partner charges and formats them into invoice layouts defined by customer requirements. Full flexibility is supported for layout, charges aggregation, customer-specific messaging, and invoice delivery methods.

Voucher Management & Calling Cards
Voucher Management & Calling Cards

This useful feature helps accomplish a wide array of voucher-related tasks, including the production of prepaid cards for resellers, export vouchers for card production, and voucher usage management.

Roaming & Interconnect
Roaming & Interconnect

FTS Billing’s roaming and interconnect features ensure comprehensive support of collection validation, guiding, and charging of mobile roaming records according to the rules outlined in the CSPs agreements with its roaming partners. Furthermore, the solution caters for the key interconnect business processes like collection and import of interconnect usage, flexible charging of transit traffic, aggregation of charges for interconnect partners, and interconnect reconciliation and dispute resolution. All these ensure very smooth operation with interconnect and roaming partners.

Partners Relationship Management
Partners Relationship Management

How does your network oversee the registration, management and revenue-sharing definitions for partners and resellers? FTS Billing’s intuitive PRM module facilitates these processes, as well as infrastructure sharing and bill consolidation through an accessible web-based module.

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