Internet of things Billing Solutions

IoT Billing Solutions

IoT Monetization

Adding Business Sense to IoT

We believe that real IoT monetization is about usage-based business models and not only about connectivity.

This is why FTS’ IoT monetization solution is about:

  • Counting everything: Trucks’ weight, parking minutes, megawatts, no. of beverage cans, …
  • Fast and friendly business rule creation
  • Fully configurable billing and settlement  capabilities, enabling flexible B2B, B2C & B2B2C pricing models
  • Being cost-effective: Business rules are rapidly implemented by business users rather than programmers, ensuring low TCO

We believe that real IoT monetization is about usage, and not about connectivity only.

IoT and M2M revenue management with a flexible billing platform

  • Monetization of IoT services beyond connectivity-only, extending operators’ role in the IoT value chain
  • Manage a complex range of IoT business formations
  • Manage numerous partners in a highly complex value chain
  • Offer new deals, services and pricing models quickly and easily
  • Solutions for utility and smart grid providers, smart cities, transportation and new mobility players, and other verticals

IoT billing solutions



In brief

FTS Billing can effectively be deployed by IoT service providers or dedicated IoT MVNEs and MVNOs providing:

  • Configurable pricing and marketing plans
  • Flexible service plans (e.g. based on transaction frequency, devices, time of day, location, applications or data usage)
  • M2M policy control: Dynamic business-rules engine (create on-the-fly micro-segmented strategies)
  • Smart revenue sharing and partner management capabilities, with no limit to the number of organizations or the interconnection agreements and settlements involved
    • Rapid on-boarding of new partners
    • Personalized contract creation for each partner
  • A scalable system with multiple applications support
  • Automated device activation using pre-assigned starter kits
  • Delivered via private or public cloud or on-premise (hardware agnostic)

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