FTS express - Scalable, customized billing & customer care system

FTS express

Scalable, customized billing & customer care system for entry-level or niche operators

no wall is too high

FTS express Benefits

Developed on the premise that “no wall is too high”, FTS express lays the foundation for a full-blown solution that evolves as needs change. The product integrates seamlessly into virtually any operator infrastructure, and ensures reliable and cost-effective operation and shortest time to market:

architecture &

Express billing system, convergent charging, real-time billing, customer management, PCRF, LTE

Target Markets

Telecom billing and beyond

Specifically designed for the telecom market, FTS express serves providers such as VoIP, LTE, IoT – M2M, ISPs, MVNO & MVNE, Wi-Fi and content services, among others.

Drawing on its great flexibility and ease of installation and configuration, the FTS express software appliance is sold mainly through third parties, including:

But the flexibility of FTS express billing platform does not end in the telecom environment. The product’s capabilities can serve other market sectors such as transportation, telematics, utilities, retail and others.

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