South Africa, Payments Processing Solution and Mobile Payments Success Story

Payments Processing Story

Payments Processing Solution, Payments Gateway

Hybrid and Closed Loop Payments Solution for South African NGO Payments Institution


PAyments Processing Solution

About the Customer

The customer is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) payment institution collaboration, enabling and managing purpose-oriented funds donations disbursement and usage in a hybrid, closed loop payments system.

The payments organization provides a secure conduit to ensure that provided funds are used only for the intended purpose.



Business Objectives

  • Management and control utilization of donated funds
  • Offer innovative replacement for cash payments
  • Enable personalized services
  • Introduce a mobile payments phone application
  • Support additional payment methods such as debit cards
  • Seamless integration with bank elements and local supermarkets payment network


Payment Gateway, Fraud Control & Mobile Wallet

FTS’ Payments Processing Solution:

  • FTS’ full payment gateway solution, including:
    • Real-time payments processing
    • Fraud control
    • Customer management
    • Payment gateway, Postillion™ integration
    • Mobile payments app
    • IVR, Messaging
    • Professional Services


Personalized Payments Services


  • Fast and easy implementation of new payment schemes
  • Offering personalized services to different sectors within South Africa
  • Ensuring funds are used for their intended purposes only (e.g. scholarships, food or transportation)
  • Offering mobile wallet app, enhancing customer experience
  • Platform for offering payment services to new PSPs and PIs

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