IoT Monetization- Electric cars charging

IoT Billing Case Study

IoT billing - Electric cars charging

Individual Pricing and Promotions for Each Charging Endpoint


IoT Billing & Partner management

About the Customer

The customer is a German-based electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider. The services are delivered based on M2M communications & smartphone apps.



personalized pricing

Business Objectives

  • Relationship between charging stations and end-users controlled by a smartphone app
  • Personalized pricing plans: different rates for each charging station, based on specific factors:
    • Charging fees per time units
    • Maximum charging time
    • Penalty for exceeding the maximum parking time
    • Max./min. amperage
    • Peak / off-peak pricing


multi HIERARCHY support 

FTS’ Billing and Partner Management Solution:

  • Real-time, pre/post transaction-based billing and charging
  • Voucher management, customer management & self-care
  • Partner management module enables smart revenue sharing between numerous partners
  • Integration with online payments, smartphone app and communications to customer


IoT Revenue management innovation


  • Fast and easy implementation of new services, incentives and promotions
  • Rapid on-boarding of new partners
  • New, personalized contracts with partners are instantly created or changed
  • Smart revenue sharing:
    • Automatic revenue allocation individually for each charging unit

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